Traveling To Delhi – 2021 Travel Guide

A buzzing Capital, home to seventeen million people, Delhi is the national capital of India. Traveling to Delhi is a golden opportunity for travelers to know its rich culture and explore historical places.

Much of the city is low-lying and surprisingly green, as best witnessed from the elevated sections of the excellent metro system.

Synonymous with diversity, Delhi has always been the epicenter of all activities in India which is reflected in its tourism. 


Delhi boasts a rich and varied history, and you’ll come across tombs, temples, and ruins dating back centuries; on the other side of the coin, a burgeoning youth scene is exemplified by designer bars, cafés, and clubs. 

It also offers numerous tourist attractions ranging from monuments, museums, shrines to modern-day markets. Exploring the city is like witnessing a mini-India, with Delhi Tourism being a reflection of the rich culture of India.

The city is full of fascinating nooks and crannies that you could happily spend weeks, or even months, exploring. 

History of Delhi

Delhi is said to consist of seven successive cities, with New Delhi making an eighth. 

Delhi has centered on three main areas: 
1) One is Lal Kot and extensions to its northeast, 2) Second is Old Delhi, the city of the Mughals, founded by Shah Jahan in the seventeenth century, 3) New Delhi, built by the British just in time to be the capital of independent India.

Best Time to Visit Delhi

Delhi can get very hot in summer and surprisingly cold in winter. 

July to September is the wet season, making February, March, October, and November the best times to visit Delhi, climate-wise.

During this period flowers are at their blooming best, the weather is pleasant and enjoyable to experience Incredible Delhi.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Delhi


Delhi is famous for its heritage sites, featuring UNESCO Heritage sites like Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, and Qutub Minar. 

Some of the other popular tourist destinations in Delhi are Old Fort, ISKCON temple – a famous Hindu spiritual destination, and Akshardham.  Delhi also has many other spiritual destinations like Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Cathedral Church. 

The sites like Delhi Zoo and Okhla Bird sanctuary are perfect family destinations in Delhi, with children having all the fun they want. 

South Delhi is famous for its shopping hubs like Sarojini Nagar and Saket.

Things to Do in Delhi

Delhi offers tourists city sightseeing tours, exploring the local markets like Sarojini Nagar and Chandni Chowk, and Sadar Bazar.

The street food of Delhi would be a blast of flavors in your mouth. If you feel homesick you can pick from the variety of restaurants to choose from. 

The city also offers religious sightseeing tours with religious institutions of all faiths. 

Nightlife in Delhi acquaints you with the true beauty of the city, with empty streets, lively crowds in the bars and clubs, the city appears more enchanting.


Boasting a rich heritage, Delhi invites one for a lifetime experience of taking a peek inside the most majestic eras that range from the time of Pandavas to Delhi Sultanate to Mughal Empire to British Raj.

Delhi is one of the best cities for a heritage tour in India. 

Believed to have been inhabited continuously since the 6th Century BC, the city is replete with a history of many kingdoms that have come and reigned. 

Thus, it has a plethora to offer to its visitors who come here with an appetite to satiate the country’s glorious history. 


With each ruling dynasty, Delhi was adorned with monuments that the city has been able to maintain to date. 

The charm of these historical places can be relished in heritage walks in Delhi where one has the chance to meet and greet some commendable pieces of architecture ranging from Qutub Minar to the slightly more contemporary Akshardham Temple.

A large variety of monuments carves the silhouette of Delhi, where on one side stands the majestic Red Fort, on the other lies the graceful Ugrasen ki Baoli. And where the elegant Jama Masjid stuns one on a heritage sightseeing tour, the scenic and lush Lodi Garden does its best to satiate the photographer in you.


Delhi is a city of many shades, from modern city life to pilgrimage, from modern skyscrapers to cultural heritage. 

An epitome of secularism and cultural harmony, Delhi offers itself as a destination to seek the blessing of God to devotees of different faiths. Dotted with varied places of worship of varied religions, the destination retains a sacred aura.


Delhi is one of the best cities in India for a spiritual odyssey, with the religious pilgrimage of all major religions being the highlight of the city. 

Delhi isn’t new to welcoming religious tourists, looking to delve into the spirituality and religious sanctity of the city. From Gurudwara, temple, masjid to spiritual pilgrimage spots of every major religion, Delhi has it all.                 

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is Delhi’s most famous tourist spot. A Sikh pilgrimage site, today, Gurudwara has become more of a tourist spot.  People of all religions are welcomed here and all of them are treated equally in the eyes of God. 

Similarly, Hindu temples like Iskcon and Akshardham have now become popular tourist spots with being pilgrimage sites.


The memorials in Delhi pay tribute to the long-lost heroes. 

The city reckons to be fortunate enough to be the memorial ground for eminent politicians and soldiers who contributed immensely towards the country’s pride. Memorials represent a part of Delhi’s history – a battle, a great personality, or a great kingdom. 


One of the most famous memorials in Delhi, Raj Ghat, is a reminder of great political thinkers and leaders who fought for our independence or the betterment of the country.   

Raj Ghat is a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. In the same complex lies the famous Vijay Ghat, a memorial dedicated to Late Lal Bahadur Shastri. 

These memorials are a testament to every struggle the country has ever faced, be it the All India War Memorial, aka, India Gate. India Gate exhibits the name of every soldier who sacrificed his life during World War 1 and the Indo-Sino war.

If you move to Old Delhi you will see various monuments dedicated to the rebellion of 1857. There are also other memorials like Shantivan, Shakti Sthal, and Veer Bhumi. 

These memorials are not just a reminder of people or an event but it is a reminder of who we are and from where we started our journey of being a global force. 

Visit these memorials in Delhi to experience the glory and struggle of a city, its people, and its culture.

Amusement Water Parks

Proffering a chance to become a kid again and relish the best family outings, Delhi is dotted with some incredible amusement parks. 

Ideal for corporate outings as well get together with friends, the amusement parks in Delhi are your ticket to unstoppable fun.


Known for being an adrenaline ride, Delhi excursion usually ignores one of the most important things to do in Delhi, Amusement Waterpark extravaganza. 

Located in all four corners of the city, these amusement parks have gone onto be a major hit amongst the locals. Apart from locals, these waterparks welcome guests visiting the vast city of Delhi.

One of the most kid-friendly destinations in Delhi, Amusement water parks in Delhi NCR offer the best of experiences to your little one. 

A mix of rides and swings and water slides, the amusement parks stand true to their name, amusement. Be it a kid or a grown-up, one simply can’t resist the fun these parks have to offer.


A shopper’s paradise, Delhi is the destination to make the saying come true – shop till you drop. 

Boasting being home to Asia’s oldest market and largest IT market, the city is like Aladdin’s lamp as there is nothing you can’t find here.

The traditional places to shop in Delhi are Palika Bazaar and Chandni Chowk. To check prices and quality for crafts, you can’t do better than the state emporiums on Baba Kharak Singh Marg.

Most shops in New Delhi take credit cards. Beware of touts trying to sweet-talk you into visiting supposed “government shops” which pay them a commission. In all bazaars and street markets, the rule is to haggle.

Where to Eat in Delhi

Most restaurants close around 11 pm, but restaurants with bars stay open until midnight. 

If you’re looking for a late-night meal, you could eat in the restaurants in a top hotel, or at the 24hr coffee shop or bar.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Delhi

With an ever-increasing number of pubs and clubs, Delhi’s nightlife scene is in full swing.  

If you visit Delhi during the day, you will see a city with traffic and all kinds of business activities. 

However, as the sun goes down, the national capital takes on a different avatar. 

Its nightlife is just amazing. From taking night tours and ghost walks to enjoying late-night grubs and partying hard till morning, there are many things to do in Delhi at night.

Want to experience this amazing face of India’s capital?  Get out of your bed and step out of your hotels in Delhi. 

Avoid Scams in Delhi

Be aware that taxi and auto drivers get a hefty commission for taking you to certain shops, which will be added to your bill should you buy anything. 

You can assume that drivers who accost you on the street do these things with the intention of overcharging you, or of taking you to shops that pay them to commission rather than straight to where you want to go.

Always hail a taxi or auto-rickshaw yourself, rather than taking one whose driver approaches you.

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